Little Book of You
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About "Little Book of You"

"Little Book of You" is a magical and one of a kind illustrated memory book. 100% customized, our books tell each child's unique birth story through fun and special facts about their birthday, the year they were born, and all the wonderful people who couldn’t wait for them to arrive. Tailored to each unique family, our books are beautiful, timeless mementos that kids will love reading over and over as they grow up.

We believe reading is one of life's greatest gifts and sharing the joy of storytelling with inquisitive little minds makes it all the more fun! We hope to create moments of wonder for families everywhere when kids see their stories come to life on our pages.

About Marina & James

Marina and James Cummins live in New York City with their daughter Lila and golden retriever Stella. They founded "Little Book of You" in 2017. James is a co-owner of his family business, James Cummins Bookseller, a rare bookshop on the Upper East Side, which has been in operation for nearly 40 years. Marina has worked in digital marketing and product development for more than 10 years. This project combines their love of books, technology and most of all their family.

About Dan

Dan Dingman is a New York City based freelance illustrator and graphic designer. When he’s not taking on client projects and private commissions he can be found wandering the MET.